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A master list of my poems that are available to read on Medium

Grace Moore
3 min readFeb 4, 2022
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I’ve been posting poetry here on Medium off and on since 2018, and I thought it was time to create a master list of all the poems I have posted so far. That way, there’s one easy place where I can direct anyone who is interested in reading my poetry. I’ll update this list as needed with future poems, too, and I’ll keep it pinned on my profile.

If you’re interested, click around on the links below to see all the poems I’ve posted here over the last few years. They’s listed chronologically since that’s how I went about collecting them, and it was interesting to look at some of my older poems and see what has changed and what has stayed the same about my writing style.

And if you enjoy my poetry, you might also be interested in my poetry collection. It’s called When We Were Lifeboats, and you can find it here.

Thank you to everyone who reads, claps, comments, or just silently enjoys my poetry. Your support means so much to me.

My Poetry:



Sugar Cookies


Specific Details

Three Ways of Looking at a Bobby Pin

For Sale: Apocalypse Bunker

A Letter to Myself in Autumn 2015


Burn Out

Harry Potter Questions his Career Choice

I am Thinking About Reincarnation While in the Shower

It’s Called “Chronic Pain” for a Reason

The Haunting

Gospel Truth

In Which I Have a Dream About my Dead Grandfather

A Few Facts About my Grandpa

At My Grandmother’s House the Week Before She Died

Pet Cemetery

Thinking of Someone You Used to Know in the Time of a Pandemic

This Old House

Generation at War

First Love, I Promise

When We Were Lifeboats

Some Driving Advice for the Modern Woman

Nana’s House

What We Dreamt About When We Dreamt About Being Together

How I Survived Those Years

Little Matchstick Man

The Weight of It

The House on Meridian Place

Spelling Words

Death of a Fire

The Stepmother’s Song

Fly Away

After Turkey Dinner

And the Thoughts Go in Circles

How To Survive A Drowning

The Three Little Pigs Teach Me a Lesson

What the Body Is


Sometimes They Call It Wanderlust



On Missing My Grandmother as She Used to Be

When I Last Saw You

He Said He Was Sorry, But

You think the problem is that you aren’t explaining yourself well enough


Truth is, I am always imagining her alive

10 months into the pandemic

This time last year

A prayer to my mother in her kitchen

2 summers, 10 years apart


I have been told sometimes



In which my mom and I dream about grandma after her death

On asking my tarot cards for a little sense of direction

Because this is what is left

The Diver

In which my subconscious reminds me again and again that I can’t save everyone

What they don’t tell you when your grandma dies during a pandemic

The Ashes

Just love your people and be kind while you can

But I could build a ladder and start climbing anyways

The questions I ask when I feel too sick to sleep again

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Grace Moore is a writer and the author of the poetry collection When We Were Lifeboats. When not writing she enjoys baking, reading, and doing any activity that involves supplies from the craft store. She lives in Washington with her husband, where they can often be found discussing Doctor Who in-depth. Follow her on Instagram for more writing and future project updates.



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