The House on Meridian Place

A Poem

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Photo by Wynand van Poortvliet on Unsplash

When I go home in my dreams
it is always back to Meridian Place
to the house where
my heart first learned how to break
and the pain I hid for years
was kept locked inside
and all the little home improvement
projects my father started
where never finished
and the dog I’d had since childhood died

Meridian Place,
where my littlest brother was born
and took his first steps
and sometimes as a baby he would
lay on my chest and sleep
when everyone else made him fussy
and now I’m not sure
he even remembers Meridian Place
at all

Meridian Place,
where someone else lives now
some other family with their own stories
but when I dream of going home
I dream of Meridian Place
and everything is still there
except a new family has moved in
and I can’t make sense of it,
how someone else could make a life
in a place that still feel like ours
How it feels like I’m holding my breath
waiting for the dream to end
waiting to wake up and find out
if I am finally home

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Grace Moore is a writer from Washington. She writes fiction, creative nonfiction, and the occasional poem. She also writes articles on travel, mental health, writing, and books. Sometimes she’s funny, or at least that’s what her mom says. Follow her on Instagram @gracieawriter.

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Writer. I talk about travel, mental health, and writing. Sometimes I’m funny, or at least that’s what my mom says. Visit:

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