February 15th Writing Check-in. Happy Monday! To be honest, I am struggling a bit today. My brain feels sluggish and I am moving oh so slowly. Some days are like that.

And I didn’t post a writing check-in on Friday because I was feeling the same way. But I didn’t want to skip another day, so I’m pushing through anyway.

I did have a good weekend, though. The snow finally came through and I loved being cozy inside as it fell outside. And my husband and I had a nice, chill Valentine’s Day at home.

So without further ado, here are our writing check-in questions for today:

1. Did you meet your writing goal for yesterday/the weekend?

2. What are your writing goals for today?

I didn’t have any writing goals for the weekend, but I did write on Friday. Today my goal is to work on my poetry for at least 10 minutes, something I’ve been neglecting recently as I focused on other projects.

Writer. I talk about travel, mental health, and writing. Sometimes I’m funny, or at least that’s what my mom says. Visit: APassportAndAPencil.com

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