Anxiety As Told By Clickbait Titles

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You’ll Never Believe the Embarrassing Thing From Four Years Ago This Woman Thought About While Trying to Sleep Last Night

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9 New Ways Everyone You Love Could Die That You Haven’t Thought About This Week (You’ll Never Believe How Painful #7 Is!)

She Heard a Noise in the Middle of The Night and You’ll Never Guess How Long She Stayed Up Wondering if She was About to be Murdered

27 New Home Remedies to Treat Your Anxiety That Will Give You Hope Only to Not Work At All

She Got So Anxious She Threw Up In Public. You’ll Never Guess What Happened Next!

3 BRAND NEW Meditation Techniques to Try the Next Time You Hyperventilate in the Bathroom at a Party

Grace Carlson is a writer from Washington. She writes about travel, mental health, writing, and books. Sometimes she’s funny, or at least that’s what her mom says. Follow her on twitter @gracieawriter

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Writer. I talk about travel, mental health, and writing. Sometimes I’m funny, or at least that’s what my mom says. Visit:

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